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Coaching at Longeveau can be arranged in advance or booked on your arrival. From mid July to the end of August it is available in hourly slots, three times a day, five days a week.


There is an individual slot from 09h00–10h00, followed by the children’s group and then by an adult session for intermediates and beginners. The latter session provides a revision of basic techniques.

Tuesday to Friday

Coaching is available in hourly sessions between 08h30 and 11h30, with an additional session from 11h30–12h30, heat permitting! The cost is 25.00€ euros per hour for an individual, 30.00€ per hour for two people and 35.00€ per hour for three people or more.

Bruce Evans is an LTA qualified coach; he obtained his ECA at Swansea in 1993, and his CCA at Taunton in 1998. From 1992 until 2006 he was a PE teacher in a secondary school in West Wales, where he was heavily involved in schools tennis. Consequently he is very comfortable coaching groups of children, as well as adults. As well as coaching at Longeveau, he plays regularly at his local club in Chalais, and in regular tournaments in the area.

If you wish to book your coaching requirements in advance, or are interested in playing in any of the local tournaments, you can contact Bruce directly at bruce@lepetitroc.co.uk Otherwise, please see the notice boards on arrival, or ask at the bar.